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Renewed Joy: 5 Simple Steps To Lasting And Powerful Joy In The Lord is a Christian book inspiring women like you to discover fresh and lasting joy in the Lord through His Word.

Consider Renewed Joy your guide-book to the source of powerful joy. Stephanie Page invites you into her story and leads you through the path to true joy that is found in the Bible...

You do not have to live discouraged or broken.

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Renewed Joy is packed with both encouragement and truth! As someone who can relate with the battles of frustration and discouragement that come while struggling with chronic pain, her words were absolutely refreshing to my soul! What makes this book special is how Stephanie not only tells you of the incredible JOY that is to be found in the Lord while guiding you along how you might be able to renew your joy, but she does so by genuinely sharing her heart with you.

- Jori M.

I love how she explains how joy cannot be manufactured - it is NOT something outside yourself...like happiness. In her book, she breaks down how we can pursue the source of joy and thereby be joyful as a byproduct. I loved the scripture verses, as well as, the thoughtful way the material was presented and the added bonuses. This book will remain in my library as a go-to book for encouragement in the Lord.                                                                                                                                       

- Aida

I could not put this book down and will read it again and again. When I was faced with family death, relationship loss, healing from abuse and addiction all in the matter of weeks, a friend found me and handed me this book not knowing any of these struggles in my life. I had no hope but to read it to find my lost strength and faith in God. I took notes, highlighted important passages, read scriptures she suggested and ultimately found myself finding rest in God and finally peace in my aching soul!

- Amazon Customer

Your clear map to lasting JOY

Here's What You'll Learn From This Encouraging Book:

  • REDEEMED: Discover the joy of salvation. Once saved by grace through faith, rejoice that your life is redeemed by the true and living God!
  • RENEWED: See how the Holy Spirit produces the fruit of joy in your life. Find out how to trust His work in you.
  • RELATIONSHIP: Learn how to abide in God and His Word. Abiding in the almighty God who will never leave you results in deeply satisfying joy!
  • REPURPOSED: Once overflowing with lasting joy, you'll be inspired to reach out for the sake of evangelism and discipleship! Powerful joy overcomes the fear of sharing God's love with others.
  • REFOCUS: Is it really possible to have joy when a crisis arises? YES! I'll show you how giving thanks in all things is on the path to lasting joy.
  • ENDURANCE: Discover tricks from older and wiser women of God that nurture long-term joy.
  • HOW TO LOSE YOUR JOY: Tips to help you avoid these everyday joy-robbers!
  • THE JOY OF THE LORD CHANGES EVERYTHING: Why you will never be the same and how you'll change the lives of people around you too (for good).

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