Psalm 118:24 | This is the Day the Lord has Made!

Free Printable + Why our website is included on freebies

Listen to this story about a woman named Nancy…

Nancy prints off the free Bible verse cards that I make for you and shares them with women residing in a women’s correctional facility. We have never met, but she tells me that the women receiving these verse cards hang them on the walls in their units…

These women need heart-correcting (just as much as I do) and they are hanging God’s Word on their walls… just like I do.

What an incredible privilege to be a part of Nancy’s ministry to women! (Isn’t her story inspiring?)

This is the day that the Lord has made! Free printable from

One Page of Joy friend recently sustained a serious brain injury and she is finding hope and comfort by renewing her mind in the Word of God using our printables…

Others share these cards with friends who are battling cancer, grieving the loss of loved ones, or facing discouraging times. (Way to go ladies, you are true JOY-SPREADERS!)

God’s Word is powerful to change lives (do you agree?). We include “” on the free printable verse cards because we want…

-women residing in a correctional facility…

-ladies undergoing cancer treatment…

-new widows facing a sorrowful loss…

…we want ALL women to find more encouragement in the Lord.

When you give someone a verse card, then they can come back to Page of Joy and find more (free) Biblical encouragement.

A few have written us rude notes (they shall remain nameless because I don’t want to embarrass anyone) criticizing us as self-serving for including our website on the bottom of the free printables. I’m surprised that people are offended by the way we choose to design a FREE gift… However, I hope that by reading the stories I’ve shared here today you’ll gain insight into the “why” behind our method.

We exist to help women discover renewed joy in the Lord through His Word.

Would you comment below and share how you’ve used our printable verse cards? I’d love to know.

Today’s free printable is a result of wedding and baby season! I thought it would be nice to have a cheerful verse to attach to shower gifts. (No need to thank me for saving you $3.95 on a greeting card… wink!)

Psalm 118:24, ESV- free printable from

Click here to download your free printable.

I think I will hang this one on my wall…



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9 thoughts on “Psalm 118:24 | This is the Day the Lord has Made!

  1. I am a church receptionist. I print these and give them to people that come in hurting and needy. I also give them to co-workers. This is wonderful ministry! And… I send the jokes to a little boy who shares them with his lunch table. Thank you!

    • Oh Debbie, what a critical role you play in ministering to the broken and hurting… the face they see upon entering a place of hope. Praying now for you. Thank you for spreading joy.

  2. I am in a small group at our church and I use these in cards that I send for encouragement and prayer. So blessed for women like you who make “un-artistics” like me 🙂 able to give something beautiful that I love! Even though I could never make it myself. Thank you for being such a blessing and living your life and talent poured out for Christ!

    • Vicki, I couldn’t spread joy without your help! God is so faithful to unite us- one body but many members. Thank you for being on team Joy! 🙂

  3. Hi Stephanie!
    I appreciate these printables so much! I share them with the women in a Bible study that I teach at my church in Georgia. They love that they are ready to frame and display in their homes. I have printed and framed several for my office as well.
    Thank you for ministering to the on-line community of believers. May God richly bless you as you share His Word.
    In His Love,

    • Kathie, picturing this makes me smile- really big!! Thank you for spreading the joy of the Lord!!

  4. Stephanie,
    I look forward to your kind words to inspire me and love the joy you spread.
    people can be so cruel and mean spirited why not spread joy in this world that was
    created for us all we are suppose to love one another I am trying to use kindness in every way I
    can.There is not a thing in this world that is so awful that we can not find a little bit of humor in.
    Please keep on doing what you do I love all of it.
    Thanks to you,

    • It’s true that the enemy doesn’t want women to find encouragement in God’s Word and so I know the arrows will come, but God is faithful to guide us, protect us, strengthen us…. and the encouragement He sends us through women like you is such a HUGE blessing! Thank you, Linda!

  5. Stephanie:
    I love your verse cards. I share them with coworkers and even used some last year at our women’s retreat. I printed them and put them on a carabiner and tied a ribbon around it.
    Everyone loved them!

    Thank you for sharing.