DIY Card and Photo Holder (Stand)

Easy DIY Card, Photo, Art, Place Card & Menu Display

Today you’ll discover a new freebie that helps to make the most of those pretty verse card printables I’m always giving you. There are some other ways you might put this little darling to use, I suppose…

Verse Card Holder, Easy DIY

Ways to use this (super easy) DIY holder/ stand:

  • verse card stand (Am I partial? Obviously!)
  • photo display
  • business card holder
  • place card holders
  • art display
  • menu stand
  • sign holder
  • holiday card display

…and so much more! (Psst: leave me your ideas below in the comments. I LOVE being inspired by you!)

Easy DIY Photo Card holder/ stand 1

Easy DIY Photo Card holder/ stand 2

Easy DIY Photo Card holder/ stand 3


Making these DIY card stand/ holders is a snap. In 10 minutes you can have a cute little holder made to your liking.

Click here for the free template and a .PDF file will begin to download.

Easy DIY Card Holder Directions from


  • Cut a strip to size (the template measures 1.5” x 8”). I suggest using cardstock paper for strength.
  • Fold the strip in half (bending at the short side, I believe some call it “hamburger style” vs. “hot dog style” haha!)
  • Open the strip and fold each end into the middle crease. You’ve now created 4, 2” sections with your creases. Open the strip back up.
  • Fold in half just as you did to begin, cut a slit just over 1” deep in the middle of the strip (shown in photo 6 & 7).
  • Now fold your strip into a triangle shape, following the creases with the slit at the peak of the triangle. Glue the bottom two folds together. Let dry.
  • Gently slip your desired card into the slit until snug and adjust as needed to fit the card to your liking!
  • “Ooooh and aaaah” over your darling new holder and give yourself a little pat on the back for a job well done!


Need a whole bunch of place card holders for cheap? Check! Want to coordinate perfectly with your wedding colors? Check! Looking for a unique way to grab attention at a trade show or networking event? Check! Designing a cute display for your next craft fair or ladies event? Check!

Gold Foil Verse Card and Pine Block from

If you’re not in the mood to DIY or you’d like something more substantial and long lasting to display your photos and cards with, our 6” solid pine Display Block is on sale! I love the way 4” x 6”  and 5” x 7” photo’s look in this classic display block.

Leave a comment telling me if you’d like to try this easy DIY photo/ card stand. Share your creative ideas with us below!


Here are some free printable Bible verse cards to fill that darling display:

Free printable watercolor floral verse cards.

Free printable Easter verse cards.

Free printable easter verse cards for kids.

Free printable “You are loved” printable verse card set.

Free printable verses for the New Year.


Easy DIY Card Photo Stand Holder from


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2 thoughts on “DIY Card and Photo Holder (Stand)

  1. I appreciate this site more than any other Christian site I have used. Thank you for your unselfish way of
    “spreading the Word”. I use these printables in mail to friends, shut-ins, nursing home cards. The newest I received for Easter will use to mark places at the dinner on the grounds tables on Palm Sunday!

    • Thank you, Emily! It brings me so much JOY to hear of you spreading joy with these verse card printables!